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Fall 2023 update (Oct17/2023): We now have the new XBB.1.5. COVID vaccine.

As your Primary Care Team, we strongly recommend you receive the COVID-19 Vaccine. The Vaccine is highly effective at preventing serious illness and complications from COVID-19. In order to receive the COVID-19 Vaccine you will require an appointment.

You are now able to book appointments.

Click here to book online for vaccinations for COVID.

Note if you also need a flu vaccine, we can give one to you along with your COVID shot. Note we currently have the new XBB.1.5 vaccine (Moderna / Pfizer). There will be an opportunity during the online booking process for you to enter free text. If you also need a flu shot, and/or if you have a brand preference for your COVID vaccine (Moderna v.s. Pfizer), please indicate it in the free text. We cannot guarantee your brand selection but will try to accommodate it.

To book via phone please call 905-813-3850.

If you require further assistance with vaccines (including questions about vaccines), click here.

If you have any of the following symptoms including fever,cough, shortness of breath, and have recently traveled outside of Canada, please call TeleHealth (1-866-553-7205) or your local public health unit for further direction and testing. If it is urgent, please visit emergency department. In order to avoid exposure to COVID-19, your doctor may contact you and offer phone consultation for non-urgent matters.

Find some tools and fact sheets below: