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Nov7/2023 Notice re: "High Dose"

Note we are currently out of "Fluzone High Dose (Quadrivalent)", the flu vaccine that is available to only seniors 65+. There is a supply shortage with the "High Dose" flu vaccine, and it is unknown when it will become available again.

There is another flu vaccine intended only for seniors 65+. It is called "Fluad Adjuvated (Trivalent)". We do have this vaccine in stock. We also continue to have "Fluzone (Quadrivalent)" - this is the regular version of "Fluzone High-Dose".

Note all of the above flu vaccines are appropriate and effective for seniors 65+.

Given the importance of timely flu vaccine injections during 2023 Fall/Winter, the uncertainty in supply for Fluzone High-Dose, and that Fluzone Regular is still effective, our CVFHT vaccinator recommends that seniors not wait for Fluzone High-Dose, and get either "Fluad Adjuvated (Trivalent)" or "regular Fluzone (Quadrivalent)".

If you still would like to get Fluzone High-Dose, we advise you to call pharmacies or other vaccine clinics to see if they still have it.

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