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The Interprofessional Care Team utilizes a collaborative, community based approach to provide care where patients need it;  these locations may include their physician's office or a hub in their local neighbourhood.

Our IPCT members provide health care support services to patients in the North West Mississauga area with a special focus on:


How do patients become enrolled into the IPCT program?

Patients are referred to our program by their health care provider. We accept referral from family physicians and nurse practitioners practising in the Northwest Mississauga community. 

Do patients need to leave their current health care provider?

No. Patients can keep their current family doctor. If they do not have a family doctor, Credit Valley Family Health team has physicians accepting new patients.

Are there any out-of-pocket costs for patients?

No. The IPCT is funded by the Ministry of Health and Long Term Care (MOTLC). A valid OHIP card is required.

Do patients have to reside in the Northwest Mississauga community to receive services?

No. Eligibility for IPCT services is determined based on the location of your health care provider. As long as the referring physician or nurse practitioner is practising in the Northwest Mississauga area, their patients will have access to our services.

Do you do home visits?

We are not currently providing home visit services however, this may be offered in the future.

How does the Credit Valley Family Health Team relate to IPCT?

The Credit Valley FHT is a primary care clinic where health care professionals collaborate to provide high quality primary care services. The IPCT is an extension of the Credit Valley FHT.