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Patient Relations

How Can Patient Relations Help You?

The Credit Valley Family Health Team is always seeking ways to improve the quality of patient care we deliver. If you are a patient or caregiver who has feedback, compliments, questions or concerns regarding your experience at the Credit Valley Family Health Team, consider contacting the Patient Relations team.

Your feedback directly guides the focus of our quality improvement iniatives. It helps us work with you and your team to identify and implement strategies that will provide you with the best possible clinic experience.  In response to your feedback, we can:

The Credit Valley Family Health Team greatly values your feedback. We aim to answer your inquiries and address your concerns with the utmost urgency. The Patient Relations Team can help you if:

I Have a Concern About My Care

Talk to Your Care Team

Your care team, which includes your doctors, nurses, dieticians, social workers and pharmacist, are the primary responders to patient concerns. We encourage you to speak directly to your team as they are in the best position to take immediate action to address your concerns.

Contact Our Patient Relations Team

If you wish to forward your compliment, concern or suggestions to management, we provide the opprotunity to contact management directly through the forum below. Your feedback will be promptly responded to by the Patient Relations Team, consisting of the Credit Valley Family Health Team's Executive Director and Office Manager.

To contact our Patient Relations Team, please click here.

If You Require Further Support

If you have completed the complaint process with Patient Relations and were not satisfied with the outcome, you can seek free, confidential support through the Ontario Patient Ombudsman website. They facilitate resolutions and investigate patient and caregiver complaints about patient care.

All regulated health professionals belong to regulatory bodies. If your concern is only with a specific health professional and has remained unresolved despite other efforts, you can contact the appropriate College. Here is a list of the Ontario Health Regulatory Colleges.