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Weight management
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Weight Management

If you are looking to better manage your weight, we have complied a list of resources that will help you to eat well, stay active, sleep well and better manage your stress and mental health.

Healthy Eating: The NEW Canadian Food Guide


Exercise and Physical Activity: CSEP Guidelines

Adults 18-64: https://csepguidelines.ca/adults-18-64/​ 

Adults 65 or older: https://csepguidelines.ca/adults-65/

Helpful Hints for Better Sleep: University Health Network


Stress and Mental Health: Under review.

For adults living with obesity, you can access the Canadian Adult Obesity Clinical Practice Guidelines here: https://obesitycanada.ca/guidelines/chapters/  Additionally, you may want to speak to your primary health care provider at the Credit Valley Family Team in order to learn more about the obesity management services we offer.https://www.uhn.ca/PatientsFamilies/Health_Information/Health_Topics/Documents/Helpful_Hints_for_Better_Sleep.pdf