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Patient Experience Survey 2021

At the Credit Valley Family Health Team (Credit Valley FHT), we aim to provide high quality care to our patients at all times. Our team is comprised of staff family physicians, resident family physicians, nurse practitioners, nurses, pharmacist, dieticians and social workers to provide for your care needs. We are continually evaluating how to improve our services to meet your needs. We are hoping you will take 3-5 minutes to complete this survey about ease of access to our clinic.

There are two parts to this survey: the first will ask you about a time you needed an urgent/acute care appointment and the second part will ask you about a time where you needed a non-urgent care appointment. 

Please note that this survey is a follow up effort from the 2019 Patient Experience Survey sent to Credit Valley FHT patients last year. The information we are gathering through this new survey is aimed at understanding access issues facing patients so we can learn how best to optimize care for you in the future.

Please let us know the following demographic information about you to help us understand our survey results better.

Physician or provider
Female Male Other / Unspecified / prefer not to disclose
Gender (other - please specify)
By clicking Next I consent to the information I provide in this survey being used to help Credit Valley Family Health Team understand issues and opportunities related to access to services and care.